Card Holder Responsibility

  • Patrons signing the card application agree to be responsible for all materials borrowed.
  • Library cards are renewed every year at no cost
  • The library recommends not loaning your personal library card to anyone.
  • All materials checked out on your card are your responsibility.
  • Patrons must have their library card with them to check out items.

Lending Policy

Patrons must have their library card with them to check out items.
All items are due back before closing on the date printed on the receipt handed to each patron at the time of check-out.
All items returned in the drop-box within 1 hour of closing or after business hours are checked in on the next business day.

Library Card Replacements

  • Expired cards are updated free of charge - bring your old card to renew.
  • All replacement cards cost one dollar.

Unattended Child Policy
Marvin Memorial Library is concerned about the welfare and safety of children in the library.  Unattended children may become frightened and are much safer in any public building when accompanied by a parent, guardian, or caregiver.  Unattended Children may also be disruptive to the activities of other patrons.  The responsibility for the safety and behavior of children in the library belongs to the parent, guardian, and/or caregiver and not with library personnel.
An "unattended child" is a young child under the age of ten years left in the library unattended for a long period of time or any child twelve years or younger not picked up at closing time who does not have a safe means of transportation to his/her home or to a caregiver's home.
Furthermore, a child under the age of seven must have a parent or responsible caregiver in the immediate vicinity of the child at all times.  A responsible caregiver must be at least twelve years old.  The only exception would be when attending library-sponsored programs where parental presence is not required.  However, even in these instances, parents, guardians, and/or caregivers are expected to remain on premises and be available.
The Director is authorized to prepare, distribute, and implement procedures to deal with unattended children.
Computer Access
The Marvin Memorial Library offers internet access to the public via:

  • eleven public computer worstations
  • wi-fi access on patron laptops or wireless devices within the library

Internet Use Policies/Information
Computer Sign In
Sign in on the registration sheet at the Circulation Desk.  Please write your first and last name legibly.
You may not reserve computers for future time slots.
If you would like to listen to sounds while online:

  • Bring a pair of headphones from home or
  • buy ear buds at the front desk for $1.50.

Please remember to mute the volume on the computer when you are finished.
2-person limit per computer. Staff members may periodically verify a visitor’s permission to be with you.
Half-hour time limit for use if patrons are waiting.
Maximum of 4 turns or 2 hours a day if patrons are waiting.
If you have run out of time for the day, you may ask to have your time extended at the front desk if there are no other users waiting.
You may not download programs/plug-ins/upgrades to the computer. This is further enforced by programs already on our computers.  If you find that our computers are not working properly or would like to recommend programs that would enhance library services, please consult the Director.
You may download pictures, documents, sounds, and movies to flash drives/cell phones/other external devices as long as there is 1) no copyright infringement 2) not being used for illegal purposes 3) not being used to threaten or intimidate other people.
You may save documents/images/videos TEMPORARILY to our hard drives while you are working with them, but you must delete them before your computer session ends. Saving files can take up data storage and make the computers run more slowly.  
Thumbnail/Flash drives are currently permitted in our systems. This is currently the best removable data storage medium. Flashdrives may be purchased from the Friends Gift Shop.
Revised May 2015 --Marvin Memorial Library