Job Seeker Resources

Job search engines

Linkup -- This nifty search engine searches job listings posted on company websites that might not be expressly advertised elsewhere.
Careerbuilder -- Post your resume and search for jobs everywhere. Many local newspapers put their online classifieds through this site.
Indeed -- Has a feel similar to Google -- Search hundreds of thousands of jobs, build and post resumes and access thousands of pages of career info and advice
Nation Job -- Like Careerbuilder and Yahoo Hotjobs with over 20 years in the business. More of a western feel.
Allstar Jobs -- Search jobs all over the US. Has a feel similar to Craigslist.
Career Mag -- Similar to Careerbuilder and Monster.
Career Journal -- Wall Street Journal's career site for execs, managers and professionals, offering more than 100,000 available positions. Also offers a stockload of career advice.

Job Metasearch Engines

Job engines are to job searches what Dogpile is to general internet searching: They search many job search engines all at once. Great for broad searches!

Employment 911 -- Offers a free job search organizer and e-mail accounts to help job searchers keep their job search out of work and personal e-mail accounts.
Go Jobs -- Clean-cut feel.

Search Jobs Geographically

Mansfield Area Help Wanted
Totally Local Jobs -- Powered by Yahoo Hotjobs, might be worth searching beyond basic Yahoo Hotjobs for more geographically-centered searches.
Akron Works -- A source to search jobs around Akron, Ohio
Stark County Jobs -- A source to search jobs in Stark county (Canton). -- Cleveland-based job classifieds.

Job websites sponsored by the government.

Career OneStop --Sponsored by the US Dept. of Labor
Ohio Labor Market / Jobs Page
Ohio Means Jobs


Dice: High-Tech Jobs --Focuses on technology, engineering and security-cleared professional positions.
Disney Careers -- Find jobs at Disney-owned companies, as well as student opportunities
USA Jobs --Get a job with the US Government


Overseas Jobs --Search for overseas work. Over 10 years in the business.
Escape Artist --A guide to finding work -- paid and volunteer -- overseas.

Starters website helps you narrow down your search for jobs by filling out an assessment. -- Career Coach lets you explore local employment so you can get a better handle on job activity and target good careers.

College Grad Job Hunter --Job search service specifically designed for college students and recent grads
Apprenticeships --Learn about becoming an apprentice. Sponsored by the Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family Services.
Snag a Job -- Focuses on Hourly and Part-time jobs.
Thingamajob -- Focuses on Contract, temp and temp-permanent jobs
Employment Guide -- A job board for hourly, skilled, full-time and part-time jobs with a focus on part time jobs. Entry-level to mid-management employment opportunities.
Teaching Jobs -- An interactive tool to connect prospective educators with Ohio school district vacancies.
Summer jobs -- Search for summer jobs

Professional Online Social Networking

LinkedIn -- Learn about jobs and companies from people who work there!
Spoke -- Like LinkedIn

Career research

LearningExpressLibrary -- Select "Job & Career Accelerator" Job Searching -- "How to find a job"
International Assn. of Employment Websites -- This is an extensive webography of employment related websites worldwide. -- Links to a wide variety of career resources online.
1st Steps in the Hunt --An online column for the online candidate
 Occupational Outlook Handbook --Nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives
Wet Feet --Help for the job searcher -- some free info, other is fee-based. "Research Top 100 attractive companies for employees" and more.
Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success

Professional Journals under Employment Resources and Adult Education  Keep up on your professional skills.

Resume Writing

Riley Guide --Directory of employment and career information sources and services on the Internet, primarily intended to provide instruction for job seekers on how to use the Internet to their best advantage.

Coping with a period of Unemployment

State of Ohio Unemployment Website
Ohio Here to Help --- Information referral for unemployed people sponsored by Ohio Jobs and Family Services.


Start your own business!

Ohio Department of Development --(800) 248-4040
 Ohio Statistics -- Search for Ohio under


Other tips from the Reference Librarian

Use GoogleDocs to convert your resume into a PDF file.

Keep a couple versions of your resume in plain text (.txt). Text boxes on company websites very gladly strip your resume of its formatting, and keeping plain text versions give you more control.

The library offers relatively inexpensive faxing services.

Conduct a Google search on yourself. Check out the article "Reclaim Your Web Presence: Steps Towards Google-Proofing Your Good Name"

Online social networking tips

  • Expand your network to include distant acquaintances, friends of friends, friends of acquaintances, but not total strangers.
  • let appropriate people in your virtual network know that you are looking for work in a certain geographic area or in a certain profession.
    • Your network may offer valuable leads in terms of job opportunities or career advice.
  • If your profile is open to internet searches, make sure that the image that you portray is fitting for your desired job/career. Else, make sure your full profile is only accessible to "Friends Only", and any sensitive content accessible only by those friends you really trust.